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How to become a part of the team?

Your journey to be a part of the Enactus family has just begun. Do not stress much as our recruitment process is simple and doesn’t require any past experience in social entrepreneurship, all you need to do is be confident and follow these basic steps:

1. Form Filling:  Fill the form diligently. This is important because filling a form doesn’t mean you’re in. The forms will be screened and a select few will move forward.

2. Group Interview:  Next is the group interview. Make sure you tell us why you’re unique and how your ideas are fresher than anyone else’s.

3. Personal Interview:  If you’ve made it this far, all that's left is a personal interview. Be prepared to put your most authentic self up for an engaging conversation with current Enactus members.


Form Link:


In case of any queries, contact
Ayachi : 82838 21796
Shrutika : 84472 36168

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