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     (Project Raah)

Every year tonnes of discarded shoes ends up in the landfill and act as an environmental hazard for all. We at Enactus CVS, under our project Raah used these discarded shoes to make shoe plants. Durable, water-resistant and decorative, these plants can be used to make your living room or night table fancy. If you are a business owner or a cafe manager, you can use these plants to not only decorate your workplace but also give out a positive note on upcycling.

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      (Project Abyaan)

Ever gone to the sweet shop and seen tonnes of cooking oil being disposed in drains and sewers? Or perhaps the activity was being repeated as the hungry customer gobbled his lunch in his favorite local restaurant.

Improper disposal of oil seems to be a overwhelming obstacle faced by especially eateries and the consumers, both helpless, the former causing direct harm to the environment and the latter being exposed to health problems.

Enactus College of Vocational Studies singling out the problem brings to the market Ayuda.
A UCO soap made to fight the battle of environmental pollution while promoting sanitation. To the various collaborations made on the way till yet and many more to come, here's raising to the spirit of Ayuda.

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      (Project Abyaan)

It's not secret that goat milk is beneficial for the skin, the qualities of the same have been known since ancient times. ⁣

Enactus College of Vocational Studies realizing the potential of goat milk and making use of the same introduces Ayuda Skincare+ made by the hardworking hands of affiliated communities of goat herders.⁣

Ayuda Skincare+ has versatile qualities which not only makes one look vibrant and youthful but also acts as an effective cleanser for soothing the skin. A purely organic soap, it nourishes and maintains the health of the skin and indefinitely calls for a shift from the common commercial brand. ⁣

The hopes for a bright future and an successful endeavor is surely what Ayuda Skincare+ strives for.

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