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The team at Enactus CVS identified the two major channels of disposal of used oil which are resulting in environmental degradation and rising health problems. 


With the first and foremost being the usage of nearby drainage systems as easy to rid routes of the excess grease, the after-effects that are visible in the form of fatty blobs in the sewer cause blockage and severe problems of clogging.

Dumping of used oil on land also seems to be a choice opted by many. This leads to seeping of oil into the ground contaminating not only the soil itself but also the groundwater that it contains.

With drains and landfills being only two of the many areas where used oil is unceremoniously found and disposed creates an urgent need for dealing with this rising problem and discern a feasible solution for the same.

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Project idea

To debilitate this neglected issue, Enactus CVS came up with an idea, a thought now being brought to life under Abyaan in the form of Ayuda and Ayuda Skincare Plus; soaps of premium quality made to simultaneously tackle environmental pollution and create hygiene awareness amongst the
people. ⁣

Oil bank is being set up at several places in Delhi which are being used to collect Used UCO. After
collection of UCO, it gets converted into soaps, which is certified and safe to use, through the skill of our women communities. While working with our communities which is also goat herders, we find the problem of underutilization of Goat milk. The solution to this helps us to give birth of Ayuda Skincare+. While Ayuda recycles used cooking oil procured from various vendors, Ayuda Skincare Plus makes use of underutilized goat milk acquired from communities of goat herders and treats skin problems
such as dry skin, dead skin cells, and skin irritation.⁣

With disposable cloth packaging making the model sustainable and eco-friendly, ⁣
Enactus CVS not only aims to mitigate the problems targeted but also to sustain an idea leading to change.

Project Impacts

Economical Impact

Talking about the economic benefits received by our beneficiaries, the 15 women entrepreneurs are now earning Rs 3000 per month while handling their household chores and the 2 men are also earning Rs 1000 per month from the transportation work done by them while doing their regular jobs. With an increase in the market share of our soap, we expect more production which will, in turn, show a growth in the income earned by our current beneficiaries by around 60% within one year and add up to 50+ beneficiaries in the forthcoming years. Apart from these monetary benefits, our women entrepreneurs are also satisfying both their personal and social needs by earning for their families and getting acceptance in society. With this income rise, they are also getting access to basic resources like electricity and sanitation facilities. We are also making them aware about the importance of living in a hygienic environment which also creates a positive impact on them and their family.

Environmental Impact

As Abyaan aims to prevent improper disposal of UCO otherwise leading to soil and ground-water contamination if dumped in landfills and blockage of city pipes and drained into sewers, thereby also avoiding harm done to natural water reserves and aquatic life. We almost recycle around 50+ litre of UCO through the skill of our beneficiaries As Abyaan eliminates single-use plastic, by venturing into zero waste products with eco-friendly packaging. Till now, 15 kg of used single-use plastic is being curbed.

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