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Project Madari is the tale of unrecognized yet extraordinary artists, buried under the shackles of poverty and misery, from the slums of Ghaziabad. It is an endeavor to revive our dying legacy and help native artists gain back their long due recognition, appreciation and respect.

Indian traditional magic is an ancient and probably the purest form of witchcraft inherent to our culture. Traditional magicians, who once enjoyed supreme lifestyles, are now victims of abject poverty and are living in a dismal state with hardly any shows in their hands, meagre income and deteriorating living conditions. Project Madari is an attempt to carve a bright future for these magicians and add some magic to their lives by creating opportunities for them to showcase their craft, to make these magicians a household name and to reinforce the importance of magic as our heritage.

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Project idea

India, since time immemorial, has had Maya (illusion) and Indrajal (Magic) deeply entrenched in its folklore, myth and legends.  This is the land of mystery where traditional magicians were considered to be workers of legitimate mystical miracles, not just simply entertainers.

Our team encountered one such community of illusionists on the periphery of Ghaziabad. But these magicians, who knit a new world of joy, wonder and fantasy, were living with broken dreams in a dilapidated condition. Their income was deteriorating day by day and their craft was dying a slow death at the hands of technology and modernization. The magic which has perpetuated through seven generations with dignity and bliss has now turned into a burden with no livelihood.

We, at Enactus CVS, work to uplift these magicians out of the darkness of poverty and misery by helping them start-up a business that is almost lost. Our objective is to provide them the platform they deserve through magic shows at social gatherings like cultural fests, birthday parties and public events.


We have also registered these local artists on search platforms like Justdial and trained a separate entity of community members to manage such enquires, hence, enabling them fetch their own shows.

Under the project model, we have also linked these party charmers with party planners, hotels and organizations on contractual basis to invite more shows whilst ensuring consistency and self-sustainability.

Project Impacts

Social Impact

Since the inception of Madari, we’ve conducting health camps & workshops to highlight the need of healthcare & sanitation within the community. More than 100 children were admitted to schools with our intervention and use of toilets has improved overall hygiene of the locality.

Continuing with our community upliftment program in Ghaziabad, we have installed movable toilets with the aid of Government of Uttar Pradesh for better health & sanitation in the slums. We’ve also conducted cleanliness drives & distributed winter clothing in the community for a happier, healthier lifestyle for all.  Workshops & Seminars were conducted in collaboration with an NGO to encourage education amongst the slum dwellers.

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Economic Impact

With our tireless efforts, we have introduced the sweet fruits of Project Madari across five communities and guided 10 magicians in this pathway of entrepreneurship. The annual revenue of our old beneficiary has flourished up to 40% with our support, resulting to a hefty sum of Rs. 2,50,000. The new recruits have also seen an increase of 20% in their income due to Project Madari.

To make the community self-sufficient and independent, the team has worked has to instil managerial abilities within the community with workshops on customer handling, trainings on interpersonal skills and mock-meeting sessions. The project also infuses several techniques in the routine performances to attract admirers during street shows and introduces changes in their presentational abilities with to connect with the modern world.

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